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Contact us for a free half-hour marketing consultation. Coffee is on us!

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What We Do

Writing Services

Copywriting is the art of writing text to be used in marketing, advertising and promotional material. Just about every type of marketing platform will require some form of copy including print, broadcast and online. Well written copy informs, engages and influences.

POV Creative Services works with clients to develop, hone and edit copy that supports the client's marketing goals. We have worked with hundreds of small business over the past 30 years, writing copy for radio, television, video and web.

We understand that maintaining a consistent voice across all media strengthens your brand, differentiates from your competition and demonstrates the value / benefits you provide to your customers.

Video & Audio Production

The world of media is changing at a break-neck pace. From traditional television and radio to online digital media, businesses have more marketing choices than ever before. But the one constant is that all media platforms need content, and the fundamentals of creating content are the same.

POV Creative Services has handled both pre and post-production for TV Commercials, promotional videos, TV pilots, and feature film. And our Creative Director, James Dow, has won a few awards along the way!

We are well versed in the technical specs for broadcast TV and radio as well as recommended delivery files for social and digital media.

Online Content

Because most Social Media platforms are free to use, it seems like an obvious choice for marketing your business. 

The main issue small businesses face when using social media is not only keeping it up to date - but creating the right content.  Remeber, it's "social". 

POV Creative Services can help small businesses with their Social Media marketing. We start by identifying which platforms are best for your business, then work with you to create and post content on a consistent basis. We can also arrange for paid or sponsored content on various Social Media platforms and track engagement on your behalf.

About Us

Marketing Tailored to Your Small Business

POV Creative Services is a marketing and multi-media company located near Kelowna BC with a focus on helping small businesses develop and reach their marketing goals. We service small businesses from Kelowna, Lake Country and Vernon areas.

We have a very simple definition for marketing: solving problems, satisfying needs or wants, profitably. It's about offering your customers solutions and differentiating yourself in the market place. The rest comes down to content that builds on your brand, sets you apart from the competition and gives customers a clear, tangible reason to do business with you. That's where we come in!

With over 30 years of award-winning broadcast commercial, promotional production and multi-media design experience, POV Creative Services offers affordable marketing and content development, video and audio post-production services plus social media marketing.


 Our services include:

• Marketing and Brand Consultation

• Copywriting services and content development for broadcast, print and online.

• Video production for both broadcast and online including all full post-production services

• Audio Post Production Services and Audio Narration

• Web, Digital Media and Social Media Content Development


Industry awards include:

• Television Bureau of Canada Retail Commercial Awards

• Canadian Association of Broadcasters

• British Columbia Association of Broadcasters

• PromaxBDA Marketing and Design Awards

• Crimestoppers International Promotional Awards

• CanPro Gold

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