Marketing FAQ


What is a USP?

A USP, or Unique Selling Position (or Proposition) is the core to most business marketing strategies. It's what differentiates you from the competition and gives prospective customers a reason to do business with you. It's about creating a position and building a brand in the marketplace. And, yes, even small businesses have a brand. It starts by determining what your business does for your customers. Do you solve problems? Do you satisfy a need or a want? And what do you do different and better than your competitors. As you create your USP, you start to build your brand!  POV helps businesses in the Kelowna and Lake Country area develop their USP (see our resources page for a USP checklist). 

What's the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing?

Traditional marketing is generally considered to be established media such as Television, Radio, Print and Outdoor. Digital advertising is any media - including social media - delivered online via web or mobile. Some people like to delineate between the two, treating them as two separate entities. POV Creative Services does not differentiate between traditional and digital, but view both a "marketing". Both are tools that are used to reach marketing goals. Depending on who is the key audience of demographic you're trying to reach determines which is the best media platform. In most cases a mix of both traditional and digital is best.  

Do I really need a web site?

Yes. Most business transactions today start with an online search. People expect businesses to have an online presence. While you can create an online presence using social media sites, there are limitations to branding, design, content and search engine placement. A website that is specifically built for your business enhances your brand and can make it easier for potential customers to find you.  

Can I build my own web site?

Again, yes. If you're reasonably tech-savvy, there are several good online tools that allow small businesses to take the DIY approach to web design. You can buy pre-made templates and replace the content with your own or you can use blogging sites like WordPress or Squarespace. Some have free services or you can pay a monthly or annual subscription fee. If you go this route, make sure you're comfortable creating dynamic, engaging content and copy.  

Do I need a Marketing Plan or Marketing Strategy?

Short answer: YES! You're building your business. You're building your brand. You're building your position in the marketplace. A marketing strategy does not have to be a thick, multi-page document.  Strategies can be as simple as a single page outlining your company's goals and objectives. It's the blueprint of where you want your company to be and helps keep your marketing initiative on track and on budget. Check our resources page for a simple, one-page marketing plan document.  

How much should I spend on Marketing?

That's not an easy question to answer, but you should have a budget set aside based on your marketing strategy. Budgets will be determined by what media you are buying, the geographic size of your market area, the customer you are trying to reach etc. For a simple approach you can use the traditional "investment" philosophy of ten percent of net revenues. After all, marketing is an investment in your business.